5 Best Family Heating and Cooling Systems For Your Home

Do you need a new HVAC System Installed in your home?

When you install a new family heating and cooling system into your home you want to make sure you get the very best so that you can provide good clean air quality throughout your home.  

The HVAC system you decide to install in your home will also be responsible for regulating the indoor climate which will include humidity and temperature control.

The heating and cooling system you decide to purchase has a great impact on the way you live in your home for a long time. These heating and cooling units will normally account for about 50% of the energy consumed in your house

For some tips on how to select a central air conditioner and what to look for when comparing and buying, please be sure to watch the following video:

Here are the 5 best HVAC systems for your home.

5 Best Heating and Cooling Systems For Your Home in 2019

1. Standard Air Conditioner & Furnace Split System

This system which comes with a central AC and a furnace that utilizes fossil fuels is still very popular these days and is considered as one of the best. This system is also referred to as a forced-air system because it comes with a blower fan in the furnace that is able to circulate air through the ducts. 

What it does is pull in the air in the room and then immediately heat or cool it while also eliminating humidity and blow the resulting air into the rooms and make the house habitable.

The reason as to why this system is one of the best for family heating and cooling in 2019 is because:

-This system is best because it attracts a low operating cost.

-This system has a low equipment cost as compared to a heat pump split system and other types too.

-This system is highly efficient.

2. The Std Heat Pump & Air Handler

This system is also referred to us air source heat pumps and this helps in distinguishing them from other systems like the geothermal heat pumps that normally source their heat from underground from either water or soil.

This system provides proper heating and air conditioning for your home. One thing that is crystal clear is that this system does not generate heat by burning fossil fuel. They produce heat by circulating the refrigerant using the compressor. One critical thing one needs to know is that the amount of fossil fuel burned at the power plant to generate the required electricity to be able to run the heat pump is about 60% lower than oil and gas furnaces burn.

The refrigerant is able to pick up the heat indoors and releases it outside and the reverse is also true when heating is required. This system is regarded as one of the best in 2019 because it comes with the following advantages;

-Low Operating Cost. This system has lower annual energy costs as compared to boiler systems, electric furnaces and gas furnaces.

3. The STD Heat Pump Oil/Gas Furnace (duel fuel) Split System

This system is also referred to as the hybrid heat and it comes in handy when the outdoor temperature goes beyond the freezing point. This system is able to automatically switch to furnace heat in freezing temperatures and then back to the heat pump when the temperatures rise. The reason why this system is regarded as one of the best in the year 2019.

-This system is very effective for heating areas whose climate is very cold.

-This system has a low operating cost as well.

-This system is also highly efficient.

4. Mini Split Heat Pump System

There has been a sudden increase in the demand for these mini splits heat pump systems. This has been realized due to the fact that these systems are available at competitive rates, and increasing efficiency and also the fact that these mini-split systems are able to provide more effective heating in cold areas.

Another incredible thing is that a multi-zone system has an outdoor unit that ranges from about 18K to 60K BTUs that is able to serve up to 8 indoor units at one go. A single-zone system comes with one outdoor and one indoor unit and its size ranges from 9K to 42K BTUs respectively.

The heat pump system works in a similar way as the standard heat pump system but something worth noting is that most of the use inverter technology. What this means is that they run mostly when they are either heating or cooling but they do this at a low capacity, ensuring they ramp up and down as required to ensure the indoor temperature is well regulated. 

Normally these systems are also referred to as ductless because they do not need ducts in their operations. Another thing is that the indoor units are usually installed inside the existing duct which is normally near the living space. One incredible thing about this system is that the indoor units are usually hidden well.

This system is regarded as one of the best in 2019 because of the following advantages:

-It comes with a low operating cost. The energy costs of this system are lower as compared to other systems like the gas furnaces, electric furnaces, standard split systems as well as boiler systems.

-This system is also highly efficient. Actually, this system is energy-efficient and can even be compared to efficient geothermal heat pumps.

-This system does not require any ductwork.

-This system has all zoned systems.

-This system brings good value. Since the system has up to 38 SEER and this means it is the most efficient mini-split heat pumps and this means it one of the most effective systems available.

5. Boiler with Radiant Heat System and Air Conditioner

This system is a very good choice for your home. This boiler with a radiant heat system circulates the water or steam through the pipes which leads to the radiators and also through the tubes that have been installed well at the subfloor which is able to heat up the floor through radiation.

The advantage of installing this system is that:

-It is the most comfortable heating solution available. It will be able to heat even the floor during the cold winter season which will be very ideal for family members especially the children.

-The system is also able to provide domestic hot water to be used for the shower, laundry, etc.


Now that you know the 5 best HVAC systems to install in your home you can go ahead and buy your system with full confidence. For more information on HVAC systems and how to find the best heating and air services near you, be sure to read the following related articles.

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