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Are you looking for the Best HVAC Company for System Installation Services?

If you are looking for the best commercial HVAC company Wilmington NC has for heating and cooling system installation jobs, as well as heat pump and air conditioning repair work, but are not sure exactly how to find the best, this article may just be able to help.

Today you will learn about the importance of proper heating and central air installation as well as the 10 best customer service commercial and residential HVAC companies in the Wilmington, NC area.  I will also provide you with their contact information so that you can schedule an appointment with each one fo them.  

So with no more delays, let’s get started finding the best commercial heating and air installation and repair companies.

How To Find The Best Commercial HVAC Installation Contractor

Having well functioning HVAC equipment is very important for you to know that even in extreme weather conditions, you will still survive in a good way.

For additional information on what you should know before replacing an HVAC system, please be sure to watch the following video:

To purchase a new system, most smart business owners would call several local HVAC contractors and get quotes based on installing a furnace or air conditioner. They may have a specific efficiency rating in mind and may want to save as much as possible by shopping for the lowest priced contractor to install it. 

But the truth of the matter is that the efficiency of the heating or cooling unit depends almost as much on the quality of the ductwork and airflow in the home as it does on the unit itself.

When purchasing any new heating and/or cooling system, what business owners need to focus on is the quality workmanship of the contractor. A professional HVAC specialist may not always be the lowest bidder but can save thousands of dollars in the long run by maximizing the efficiency of the complete system.

A complete system would include an efficient furnace and/or air conditioning unit as well as the ductwork that distributes the air around the building.

Here are some things to consider to evaluate whether the contractor will be delivering the most energy-efficient system, not just an efficient unit:

Load Requirement Analysis

Many contractors will ask the square foot size of your business and guess at the size unit they want to install, but the best professionals will take the time to do a thorough load analysis. This analysis entails gathering information about the building and entering it into a computer program. 

Details like room sizes, a number of floors, attic space, whether rooms are above unheated spaces such as garages or overhangs as well as sun direction and climate data are all entered into the equation. 

In the end, the computer analysis will recommend the correct BTU size of the unit. Too few or too many BTUs will throw off the efficiency. An oversized unit can kill energy savings just as well as an undersized one.

Duct System Analysis

A true professional will go the extra step of conducting a complete evaluation of the ductwork system. They will start with a five-minute static pressure reading. This reading is used as a key diagnostic indicator for obstructions to airflow. 

If airflow and static pressure are not measured, the performance of the new HVAC system will only be a guess. Units themselves can be SEER or AFUE rated, but this rating is only taken from optimal situations in a lab. The true ratings will depend on the efficiency of the airflow throughout the home.

Structural Considerations Of Duct Work

The architect who designed the commercial building may not have considered the ductwork to be installed. There may have been spaces where spacing was too tight. Surprisingly, contractors will jam ductwork into tight spaces just to save on cost. 

A smashed duct can impede airflow by 10% or more cutting down on efficiency. Other problems like loose duct liners, improperly sealed or broken ductwork can create other restrictions to airflow causing higher energy usage.

Excessive use of elbows in the ductwork can result in low pressure in the system, causing the unit to have to work harder to push air through it. Yet many contractors when building the office space commerical seek to find the shortest route to the unit. When replacing an outdated system, a quality contractor will study the layout of the ductwork system and recommend any adjustments. Sometimes improvements can support better overall energy efficiency as well as greater comfort throughout the home.

When interviewing the contractor, be certain to address how they plan to go about choosing and installing the right unit for your home. Forget the low bidder mentality. When it comes to any significant investment in a business, the extra expense of hiring a quality contractor can prove to be well worth it in the long run.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for when hiring any commercial HVAC contractors for installation and repair work, let’s take a look at the 10 best and most highly recommended heating and air companies in the Wilmington, NC area.

 Top 10 HVAC Installation and Repair  Companies in Wilmington, NC

1. AdvantaClean of Coastal Carolina 

This company has been in this business for a long time and their team of technicians are qualified and licensed. 

The company’s address is Wilmington, NC 28409.

Phone: (910) 208-0210

2. Jake’s Heating and Cooling

This company has been in operation since the year 1984. They have been able to serve very many customers and have received huge amounts of positive reviews. The team of professionals in this company has the skill set required to fix any issue with your HVAC equipment. 

Their address is 4201 Sea Mountain Hwy, Little River, SC 29566.

Phone: (843) 249-6789

3. Suretemp Mechanical, Inc

This company has been serving customers in Wilmington NC for the last 30 years. All through they have left a track record of leaving their customers satisfied with the kind of work they do. They are known to provide a variety of services ranging from installation, servicing, repairing and many more.

The company’s address is 3105 Hal Siler Dr. Sanford, NC 27332.

Phone: 919-777-0668

4. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

This company is able to serve people from Wilmington NC. They are the best in the HVAC business and the kind of service they give leaves every customer smiling.

Address: 677 Robert Grissom Parkway Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Phone: (843) 448-6867

5. Blanton HVAC Service Co.

This is a company that has been in this business long enough to be regarded as the best. They boast 40 years of experience and have a team of technicians who are so skilled and will leave nothing unfixed. 

The company’s address is 1041 Stag Dr. Wilmington, NC 28443.

Phone: (910) 471-1993

6. Royal Flush Plumbing

This is another company based in Wilmington NC. They are able to offer a variety of services to their clients. They will repair your HVAC equipment as well as install new equipment for you. 

The quality of work they do is exceptional. You will not regret hiring this HVAC Company.

Address: 8829 King Road NE Leland, NC 28451

Phone: (910) 782-2020

7. Michael and Son Services

If you are facing any issues with your HVAC equipment, this is the company to go for. They have well-skilled technicians. They have been in this business for 43 years and have served many people in Wilmington, NC. 

Their address is 4553 Technology Dr. Ste 4 Wilmington, NC 28405.

Phone: (800) 948-6453

8. Seaside Heating and Air LLC

This company is the best in this business. They based their foundation on integrity, honesty and above all professionalism. They will install new equipment for you as well as repair and service equipment in the most effective way. 

The company’s address is 2725 Old Wrightsboro Rd Ste 4A Wilmington, NC 28405.

Phone: (910) 547-1495

9. ARS of Wilmington

This company is trusted by many people in Wilmington NC for it has the best technicians you will find here. They are the leading HVAC contractors in this area. Hiring them is the best choice you can make.

Address: 200 N Green Meadows Dr. Ste. A Wilmington, NC 28405.

Phone: (910) 799-8810


This is a reliable HVAC company that provide a 24-hour service to its customers. You can call them at any time and they will send their qualified and certified technicians to come and help you out. 

The company’s address is 5110 S College Rd Wilmington, NC 28412.

Phone: (910) 397-0137

Now that you have all the information you need to find and hire a trustworthy HVAC company for your next heating and cooling installation or repair job, there is no need to panic the next time your HVAC system stops working.  

If you are still in search of more information on how and where to find the best HVAC services in Wilmington, NC or any other city in the United States for that matter, be sure to take some time to read through the following related articles.

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